NO MORE BIG SMOKECreative Direction: Advertising, Posters, Digital, Social


No More Big Smoke set out to raise awareness that London’s air pollution has been above the legal limit since 2010 and inspire Londoners to get on board with the London Mayor’s ambitious plans for a cleaner London. We were challenged to develop a sharp wake-up-call that could flex across London’s transport system and in highly localised ares. We helped the Mayor communicate a number of planned air pollution policy changes over the next 10 years and encouraged Londoners imagine a cleaner London.


We tracked air pollution in partnership with Citymapper and helped commuters find lower pollution routes. Real-time pollution level announcements popped up across social media so Londoners could choose the safest times to be out and about.

No More Smoke Campaign

ACD copywriting: Sophie Webb
ACD design: Mike Etheridge
Copywriter: Keith McDonnell
Art Director: Isaac Nana